What we do

We build Open Data and Free Software solutions for cities to improve their public transport and offer best services to their passengers and urban planners. With us, cities and communities of practice are supported to take the best decisions on how to achieve long lasting progress through digital technologies.


  • Digital solutions

    Providing you with applications for passenger information systems, data-driven decision-making solutions, and assist you building your digital infrastructure.
  • Artesanal transport

    As experts in emerging transport systems, also called para-transit or semi-formal transport, we are thrilled to innovate around your city's particularities and make the technology serve the people.
  • Open Data

    Offering Open Data is the best motor for your city's economic development and we are happy to elaborate the best strategy for you to publish and maintain your data as a public good.
  • OpenStreetMap

    Building on the largest open geodata repository in the world, a vibrant community, and ecosystem that supports data collection and tools. This successful model ensures sustainability, reuse and innovation in variety of urban contexts.

About us

We are a conscious and innovative start-up company formed from the successful Managua public transit mapping project. The project created in 2014 the first public transportation map in Central America (print, online, mobile) of a network serving 2 million people. Since then we've been involved in several mobility projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

With a global team we provide the best solutions and experiences from Berlin, New York and Central America.